Authorized distributor of MEAN WELL in Qatar.                    

Welcome to Multi Task

Empowering Connectivity: Your Trusted Partner in Electrical, Electronics, and Networking Solutions

Multi Task Trading WLL was established in 2014. Since its establishment, Multi Task has developed a solid reputation, known as a reliable supplier and solutions’ provider dedicated to the import and distribution of high quality internationally approved products.  Multi Task plays a major role in the Electrical, Electronics and Networking Sector with many world-class brands, value-added and innovative products and services.

In light of this and as testament to the continuous pursuit of professionalism and excellence, Multi Task Trading WLL has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certifications.

Multi Task Trading W.L.L., has managed to develop good reputation, gain market trust and has succeeded to position itself as a reliable supplier and a solution-provider in the imports & distribution of Electrical, Electronics and Networking products, in addition to providing a reliable engineering design but also after sales maintenance and support.

Our Mission

We focus on building a long term customer relationship and our goal is customer satisfaction

Our Vision

To become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieving their daily needs.

Our Brands

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